A hint of things to come

I have something to tell you all: on Saturday, we are getting a DINNER BELL FARM CHICKEN! Pasture-raised, heritage-breed – no, it is not going to be a pet, which is what Jacob thought as he listened to me talking about it. While he is quite disappointed, I cannot wait. How did we set up this little culinary miracle that will be taking place in our kitchen on Saturday March 10th 2012? Our exceedingly wonderfully amazingly awesome CSA, Fifth Crow Farm, has partnered with Dinner Bell to bring this precious chicken from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada to us, their share holders, here on the peninsula. OK, I might be breaking a couple locavore laws here — but I am very excited. And – very nervous! I don’t want to ruin this chicken, the likes of which is served at restaurants like The Slanted Door! So in preparation, the last two weekends I have roasted chicken. I started with a full breast, which I guess is actually baking, just to test my recipe idea and see if the flavors worked like I imagined they would. That went well. Then this past weekend, I roasted the whole shebang, something I have not done very many times but will definitely do again – we made chicken soup that same night, it cooked while I cleaned up, which we have been eating all week – and I think I found an innovative way to get all those yummy chicken flavors in to the soup pot – well anyway. I will give you the whole chicken roasting story once we have feasted on our Dinner Bell. For now, I will give you this flavor preview from the chicken breast – and so here is your hint, of rosemary, lemons, and delicious things to come:

The guys tore through it so fast that I didn’t get a proper picture once it was cooked. Same with these thyme-braised artichokes, which we had with it — another recipe I will have to share soon. Yum!