Before and again

buckwheat maple bread

When Kyle and I first moved in together, we went from dating long distance, seeing each other on vacations and long weekends and always in a place that clearly belonged to one or the other of us, to seeing each other 24/7 in an apartment that had been mine (briefly, but still) and was now ours. It was pretty much like two planets colliding – to be clear, I mean that in the world-ending kind way, not some romantic a-star-is-born kind of way.  Continue reading

Steinbeck’s Eden

fish tacos with herbed plum salsa

Steinbeck’s Eden is dry and dusty
The windrows grown of greener days
The well-pump handle is long since rusty
Windfall, rain and valley haze …
Just keep going wild honey
Somewhere northward of Monterey
Up above the fog it’s sunny
One more wonderful summer day.

~ From California Way by Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips

Driving on Highway 1 – that is, riding along the edge of the continent with the spectacular expanse of the Pacific to the west and the tumbling California coastline to the east – never gets old for me. I drive on the storied highway almost weekly, but each time I feel like I’m seeing with new eyes. It is the only driving I do where my own enthusiasm mirrors that of my guys in their car seats. My heart soars along with theirs as they call out each new thing they see; the cliffs, the waves, the kite-surfers, and the cement mixers.

fish tacos with herbed plum salsa

Okay maybe not so much at the cement mixers.  Continue reading

An agricultural act

figs, ricotta, frisee, basil, and pomegranate dressing

This morning, I snuck out early and went to the Farmer’s Market all alone, leaving the guys at home air-guitaring along with B.B. King  (or Baby King, if you’re Jacob) and Lucille. I love Saturday morning market runs with my family, but there is also something so deeply pleasant about clean morning air and a few minutes of my own company. I always seem to come home a little more awake, a little more relaxed, my bags full of produce and my head full of ideas about what to do with it.

pomegranate dressing

This is the time of year when the Farmer’s Market suddenly explodes Continue reading

What we want

summer fruit

When I was young, I spent a couple of weeks every summer in South California with my aunts, cousins and grandma on my dad’s side. Dan and I relished these visits, partly because we happen to have a very fun family; with our beloved gaggle of cousins we would swim, stage plays, perform concerts, play backyard games vaguely resembling baseball and occasionally have big-time adventures that the grown-ups sponsored (think Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc).

But mostly, we relished these visits because of the cereal.  Continue reading

Get real – occupy {4}

lemony broccoli pasta

A couple of weeks ago, on the Carrot and Cardamom Cookies post, you all inspired me and really made me think with your insightful comments grappling with the issues of food elitism (and foodie elitism), what it means to be stranded in a food desert, how we can share our feelings about food without offending our families and friends, and what we can do to work towards solutions to the industrial food problem that is slowly killing our country.

And then two days ago, Continue reading

Good night, gorilla

lemony-avocado corn salad with cheddar gougères

I was catching up with a friend this morning, telling her how Lucas wants to read the same book over and over and over again … he crawls into my lap with it whenever he can, and will sit for as long as I let him, reading and re-reading … and each time he sees the giraffe (erRAF!), or the mouse with his banana (NANA!), or the lion (RAAARRRRR!) – it is a revelation.

kale and wheat berry salad

He never, ever gets sick of it.

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