Around the table

Assuming we can somehow fit this towering mountain of sleeping bags and bug spray and jackets and soccer balls into our vehicle (ah yes, traveling with children!) we are heading off early early early in the morning to Tuolumne, to spend a week thinking deeply and breathing slowly, talking for hours and just being together … swimming, hiking, bouldering and star-gazing are also on the agenda.

I will be totally out of iPhone range and so there will be little to no comment response from me … but I will look forward to being back in touch with you all on my return – having you here will make my return a tad easier, at that! We can pretend we’re sitting around the table, I’ll unpack and perhaps make a quick crumble and then you can help me with laundry. Oh laundry. Let’s not think about it just yet though.

These pictures, by the way, were all taken by three-year old Jacob. He took them over the last sixteen months with the camera he got from his grandparents when Lucas was born.

Today we talked about him bringing the camera to Yosemite, and he said “But Mommy you need to download my pictures. My memory card is full.” (!!) So here is a little glimpse into his world. Of the 900 photos on his camera, I deleted about 800 (mostly pictures of the skylights, his nose, and who-knows-what). The other 100, I treasure.

Now, for you: I have been listening obsessively to this while I pack. ‘Cause there are stars up above … If you haven’t checked out the Directr ap yet, you really should – it’s amazing, and you will want it in your life … If you are meeting or perhaps making a new little person, you might want to get them a binkypop … And I am late to this party, but here’s what I’ll be drinking at camp Happy Hour this next week … it’s rare for me, but sometimes mommies need drinks too.

Oh, and have you looked at Brian’s pictures yet? Because you really should. And have you read Wendell Berry’s essay The Pleasures of Eating, that I talked about in the fig salad post? I want to read it again, so I’m taking this book with me for quiet time. This one too, which I can’t wait to sink into.

Elissa’s latest post came at the perfect moment for me – I’ll be thinking about it this week as I disengage from the noise she writes of. But if you don’t totally feel like disengaging, do like I do and waste some time playing geography games online.

When you’re done with all those maps, head over here and read this poem. You just might be inspired to make yet another crumble. Because really – it is summer, and it is fleeting. “Pick it up with your fingers and lick the juice that/may run down your chin./It is ready and ripe now, whenever you are.”

Dig in friends. Enjoy whatever magic this week brings to you – and we will do the same.

** And finally I wanted to add this: Marion Cunningham passed away on Tuesday. Tea and Cookies pointed me to this fine article from 2001 about Marion’s friendship with Alice Waters. It included this quote – so typically thoughtful and direct – from Marion:

Strangers are cooking most of America’s food. Everything is uniform and without a sense of place or history. … We are eating food that strangers cook and we don’t have food at home, so we’ve become total strangers to one another. The place where we really need to come together is around the table.

I’m holding Marion in my heart this week and wishing her safe passage to whatever awaits us all beyond the veil. When we return from Yosemite, I’ll make her famous risen waffles. Hopefully you all will be here to join me around the table …

(And maybe help with that laundry?)

8 thoughts on “Around the table

  1. My favorite part of this post is seeing you, Kyle, and Lucas through Jacob’s eyes! (And Sonia and Ellie too!) And is that your brother on skype? Hilarious. That Directr ap looks pretty cool too though — I couldn’t use it? But the video they had as a demo looked great. Sad not to find a recipe, but hopefully time away will inspire you to make us something great! Have a great trup.

    • Hi Lisa! Yep that is Dan. Directr is not officially launched yet – they are in pre-stages, where you can reserve your ‘directr’s’ chair and be ready when it actually launches later this summer … I’m definitely hopeful that the time away will be inspiring on all levels. A little time in the mountains is always good for the soul! Hope all is well ~

  2. Enjoy! I have been traveling with An Everlasting Feast for a while now, I hope that you find yourself with plenty of time to read. (Aside from safety and peace for her family, that’s about the best blessing you can give a busy mom, right? May you find time to read a book.) :) Safe travels!

  3. We LOVE Tuolumne and the High SIerras…….you’ve picked the perfect place for some rest and rejuvenation!

    • Somehow I am not surprised that this is an Ann and Bob favorite! My little ones got in the South fork of the Tuolumne river for the very first time, and we all enjoyed mountain air and being totally out of cell phone range! :)

  4. Hey, hey! Been meaning to pop back in and say thank you for the Directr mention. Eli and co. have been working like MAD around here, so it’s a nice boost to hear that people out there are excited about. Off to read your latest posts…

    • Eli-rhymes-with-jelly (I ALWAYS think of him that way, thanks to you!) has me on the edge of my seat waiting for Directr to launch! I am not an “ap” person, but I seriously cannot wait. I could go into great length about why … but I think that when people click over, it will take about ten seconds for them to see for themselves! Tell him he has a huge fan club in CA. :)

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