Happy (belated) birthday

m-f-k-fisher from HiLoBrow

(Happy not-belated birthday to our nephew Landon – 8 years old today, wow! We love you!)

July 3rd 2012 would have been M.F.K. Fisher’s 104th birthday. Like so many people who like to write, and especially those of us who like to write about food, I count her as a hero and an inspiration. It was in her books that I first saw clearly how food laces its way through the stories we tell – and how those stories, though ostensibly about food, are really about so much more. Continue reading

A glorious excess

plum crumble with lemon-ginger-corn Let me be clear: I like Hemingway over Faulkner (though really, I’ll take either over most) and I read the newspaper rather than watch the news. Why? Because while I have my moments of living in a world of gushy exclamation-point laden excess (Sunset tour and lemon cake¬†anyone?) I generally like a quieter point. Still waters run deep, right? Right.


But summer … oh summer. Summer brings those heaping piles of bright-colored goodness and I am inclined to pile on the adjectives until we lose track of what we’re even talking about. For now, I will restrain myself, and say simply: plums.¬† Continue reading