An empty bowl

sweet potatoes and eggsOur Friday night dinner was not anything special. It was, instead, one of those meals that you turn to when you don’t really want to cook, because you don’t really want to do anything other than curl up in your nice cool sheets and sleep. I was felled by a back-to-school cold this week; usually my immune system is one of my greatest strengths, but I’ve been running on empty and this bug got the better of me.

However. I couldn’t just go to sleep Friday night, because kids – at least kids as little as mine – need someone else to make them dinner. Every night.

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Catching days

french-style dinner breadThere is an Annie Dillard quote that is with me most days. I think of it during good times (reading something from a favorite writer, hiking alongside pristine water that splashes over granite boulders, or listening to my kids talking intently) and also not-as-good times (sucked down the black hole of Facebook, on hold with United, or sitting dead-still and glassy-eye-exhausted as my kids cavort dangerously on the couch at 4pm).

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end of summer selfie

One of our last summer afternoons at the park … they were imitating my hand motion as I took the selfie of the three of us …

Ah, September. Your abundance, made so poignant by the shortening, darkening days. Apples and plums and green beans and corn, tomatoes and melons and peppers and figs – a crescendo that steadily builds and builds, then drops suddenly into pumpkins and haystacks and the sharp blue of October skies. September makes a serious run each year at being my favorite month.

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Love and marriage

L and JWe are just back from a long trip east where, among other things, we attended the incredibly fun wedding of Kyle’s cousin Joel and his new wife, Gina. When I say incredibly fun, I might actually mean the most fun I’ve had in years. Years! The food was wonderful, yes, no doubt –  but the band! Oh the band. Gina was a relaxed, happy, gorgeous bride and her ease and delight filtered through the weekend like sunlight. We got to see Kyle’s brother and his wife, whom we see not nearly enough of since they live in Raleigh, NC; our two once-little nephews refuse to stop growing between visits and are getting downright enormous. Kyle’s aunts, uncle, grandparents, and cousins have remained the same size, best I could tell, but it was wonderful to see them even at that.  Continue reading