Working together

lime peanut paste* Our thoughts and prayers to our friends and family and everyone in Sandy’s path. Stay safe guys! xo

When our vacuum started making a death-rattle a few weeks ago, Kyle and I had different reactions. He considered the volume of the monstrous noise, amortized the cost of owning the vacuum over the last many years, and said it was “time for a new one.” I imagined it abandoned in a landfill somewhere, taking eight hundred jillion years to decompose, the jammy fingerprints of two young boys gradually petrifying as armageddon came and went. “I think we should try to get it fixed.” Continue reading

A limited vocabulary

sweet potato and butternut squash soupPart One

Kyle and I disagree about the vitamins. While I try to forget them at the grocery store, he patiently searches the bottle each morning, finding hippos for Jacob and lions for Lucas. He sets the tiny sugar-chalk creatures next to their breakfast dishes – oatmeal, pancakes, cinnamon toast. Only Daddy knows how to make these things. Monday morning, Jacob sat down at the table.

“Where’s my vitamin?”  Continue reading

Always encouraging

muir woodsThoreau said that he always found the voice of nature encouraging.

whole wheat chocolate chip cookies

My boys feel that same way about chocolate chip cookies.

boys and cookies

You may recall that while I enjoy the buckwheat chocolate chunk cookie recipe that I got from my friend Eleanor, I am not really a chocolate chip cookie person. The rest of my household, however, feel otherwise. Jacob has even inherited Kyle’s particular way of saying cookie, a Mid-Atlantic verbal caress that makes you think that the word might be spelled with Es and Ws and perhaps a big heart at the end – cew-kie. Heart.

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All for love

cream butter biscuitThere was a time in my life – that is, the better part of junior high – when I thought that Color Me Badd’s All 4 Love was in the running for Best Love Song Ever. I have no shame when I tell you that I can still dance in sync as they running-man and spin through what appears to be the empty front hallway of a cookie-cutter condominium. I eventually moved on to thinking that Best Love Song Ever should go to All For Love. And – no shame! – Sting’s voice lifting over Bryan Adams and yes, ok, Rod Stewart’s too – it still gives me goosebumps.

And in the right moment, I will still defend the poetic principles of those ballads. Continue reading

This will do

pumpkin challahThere are these little red shoes. They used to belong to Jacob, and before that they belonged to my sweet friend Rebecca’s little boy, and before that, her little girl.

Yesterday I found that overnight, Lucas’s blue sneakers were too small. So I went to the closet and there they were – those little red shoes. And I thought, this will do. These shoes stomped through crunchy drifts of fall leaves, searched for turtles along the tow path, clambered onto the backs of beloved bronze tigers. Jacob wore these shoes when he was just getting big enough to run on his own two feet.

Sometimes I miss that place so much.


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