With so much

honeyboat delicataEdy’s Restaurant was a special-occasions-only place: burgers and fries when Grandma Jan came to visit, milkshakes for birthday dinners out. I loved the crinkle-cut pickle circles and the white-bread buns, the jaunty peaks of whipped cream and luminous maraschino cherries that capped the shakes. I can’t remember why we were there the last time my dad ever took us to eat at Edy’s. But I remember why we left.

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What’s cooking

Lukey in a circleI’m in charge of Thanksgiving dessert this year, and along with a persimmon tart and a classic apple, I’m turning these vanilla mashed sweet potatoes with autumn-infused oil into a pie – I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m hoping well. The apple is my back-up pie.  Continue reading

I see a path

sproutsMy junior year of college, I went running and locked myself out of my apartment. Normally a hassle, it became a crisis because it happened to be the night before an early morning flight to Seattle; we were headed north in about ten hours, for Thanksgiving with my mom’s family. My roommate was already gone, my landlord nowhere to be found, and I didn’t even have a jacket with me, much less my car keys. Continue reading

In the grace of the world

HMBThe rain arrived today, and I was glad. After a morning of fingers slammed in doors and heads caught in bag handles, of favorite shirts gone missing and rain boots on the lam – after that morning, I was ready for some soft edges, craving the fresh clean smell of the wide wet world, anticipating the coziness of twisting steam and rain-blurred windows.

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Sometimes we need reminding

apple cake

Lucas’s friend Kazumi has reintroduced him to edamame. Having been reminded, he now loves it almost as much as he loves her; his hand moves so fast from table to mouth to bowl that I feel dizzy trying to photograph him. He is fully focused, intent on eating every last bean pod on the table in front of him, apparently with the world record for speed eating soy in his sights. He pauses only twice, once to wave me away when my camera comes to close  (“Stop it Mommy!”) and once to reaffirm that these edamame are his, and his alone. (“I eat ALL the beans, Mommy. I eat them ALL. You don’t eat any my beans!”) Continue reading

In our people house

J and carrots

Are you familiar with the 1972 classic, In A People House? Seuss originally published it under his pseudonym, Theo. LeSieg. It is one of Lucas’s current favorites, and like so many of the two year old set he especially loves when we mess up the words as we read.

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