What’s cooking

Lukey in a circleI’m in charge of Thanksgiving dessert this year, and along with a persimmon tart and a classic apple, I’m turning these vanilla mashed sweet potatoes with autumn-infused oil into a pie – I’ll let you know how that goes. I’m hoping well. The apple is my back-up pie. I’m guessing you’re all gearing up for cooking or eating, football watching or traveling, or perhaps a restful day at home. If you don’t have any of those on the agenda, I hope you’ll at least get a moment of peace, to pause and be thankful. I have a couple more posts in mind to close out this whole NaBloPoMo experiment with if not a bang then at least a convincing gasp. Tonight I have a much-needed date with my pillow and the dark circles to prove it – but in the meantime, I’ll share some of what has helped me to procrastinate of late …

A Saturday in Google searches
Jewish vs. Goyish
The Modern Farmer Pie Chart of Pies
Delicata Hummus

And I don’t usually crost-list myself like this, but I was really delighted to be part of Know Journal, a project of Literacyworks, sharing some reflections on seasonal eating.  

Happy Monday, friends. Rest up; it’s almost time to get our eat on.

2 thoughts on “What’s cooking

  1. I’m on dessert patrol, too this year. I’m making an apple pie (a splash of brandy and good vanilla over the apples is transformative and very holiday festive) and a cookie plate for my nephews to decimate. The two must haves are the Lacy Oatmeal Cookies from the Silver Palate New Basics, and the Molasses Cookies from the original Silver Palate. If I have time I might add in some snicker doodles. But I’m nervous about the weather predictions for this part of the country tomorrow. If we lose power in all the winds, we might have a problem.

    Thanks for all the lovely thoughts and recipes this month. It’s been fun and companionable to know that somebody else was trying to push their writing limits at the same time I have been. With a smidge of luck, I’ll cross the 50,000 word mark later today. Listen carefully. You may hear me cheering all the way on the other coast. Have great holiday with your sweet family.

    • I’m listening Tara, and will be cheering along with you. Congratulations – whether it’s today or tomorrow or sometime this weekend, I have no doubt you’re feeling a big “HELL YEAH!” inside :)

      Cookies sound awesome. I’ll hope the weather holds long enough to get them baked. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours ~ and I hope the writing momentum continues for you through the holidays. – H.

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