Time enough

kaleDown in Los Angeles, we took walks to visit the community garden that Dan and Kate and the girls belong to. The newly planted carrot seeds in their bed needed watering, and anyway the kids were eager to explore this secret place, tucked above the city like some magical farmer-fairy kingdom. They tripped and climbed over each other, along terraced pathways that meandered around garden beds, past the rich blackness of the compost pile, under giant avocado trees. Bees buzzed amidst blooming lavender and rosemary, and orange-and-black wings danced through the air. As each butterfly dipped and swooped and bobbed past them, Sonia and Alma – and soon Jacob and Lucas, too – would cry out, “Monarch!”

Fresh air, sunshine, avocados straight from the tree! What more could our darlings need? Ah … extravagant dust baths and the chance to nearly impale each other with muddy trowels and antique weed-hooking thingies. Apparently.

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yellowTwo weeks ago, our dear friend Jane took Jacob behind the scenes at the Space Sciences Lab at Berkeley. Though I eventually dissuaded Jacob from wearing his astronaut suit (it was raining, the suit is white …) he insisted on his NASA cap. He followed Jane through the long hallways, some moments strutting like a little space rooster and others hiding under his cap’s giant brim. Scientists and astronomers and engineers and grad students all shook his hand and welcomed him with smiles just as serious as his; perhaps it was the cap, but it felt like they recognized one of their own. Continue reading


birthday boyOur little guy requested grilled cheese, milk shake, and french fries for his birthday dinner, and despite the pleas of his family for a different restaurant, he held firm to his original choice. When he unwrapped a little rubber animal from Jacob and Kyle at the end of the meal, his smile widened in delight. “Oh!” His voice is so sweet, so him.  “An armadillo! That’s just what I always wanted! He so cute!” Continue reading

To be nourished

The Lunchbox FundI’m honored to once again participate in a food justice campaign with The Giving Table. Today’s post is in support of The Lunchbox Fund; our goal is to help nourish some of the world’s most vulnerable people, the hungry young children of South Africa. I hope you’ll pull up a chair and join us for lunch.   Continue reading


breadThere has been a nasty stomach bug going around our preschool (and hey, if that’s not a good lead-in for a food blog then I don’t know what is). It hit our house, or rather our car, last Friday, just as the boys and I were backing out of the driveway. We were planning to visit the tidepools, have a picnic, and maybe watch The Mavericks. But then Lucas said “Mommy? I’m not hungry for lunch.” What happened next … well. Two days later we gave up and bought Lucas a new car seat.  Continue reading