The unexpected grace

heat waveThere was a heat wave last weekend that sent us diving under waves and standing for long cool minutes in the blue-green water of Monterrey Bay. No wet suits required, the sand hot enough to burn toes. We pulled the big picnic basket down from the attic and packed it with cold chicken sandwiches, and watermelon, and chocolate babka. There were two cold bottles of Pliny shared around, and dolphins surfing the waves close enough to splash. Sonia held hands with me and Kate and went out past the break line to float with us and the harbor seals, flipping in the deeper water. Later I carried Lucas out and he kept his arms around my neck and laughed, laughed, as each swell lifted us and set us back down.

It was wonderful, in the way that salt water and sand are wonderful when it’s too hot for anything else.  Continue reading

Shoring up

FullSizeRender 6Last night, Lucas picked The Butter Battle Book from his shelf and we lay down together on the big bottom bunk. Seuss’s words were rhythmic and insistent, Lucas snuggled his four foot long stuffed snake, I tried to think of the right questions to ask. “Do you think they needed to fight about the butter side of the bread?” “No! They just needed to TALK about it!” This is rote for our big four year old.

Ah, yes. Four years old. Much has happened while I’ve been away.  Continue reading