Itself taking form

salad days“More nornge” Lucas says, chin dripping juice, pointing to the pile of oranges on the kitchen counter. “More nornge, tree nornge.” He bites each slice clean, then places the peel gently, lovingly, into the line of sunny crescents he has built along the edge of the table.  “Pees more nornge.”

L eats oranges


He eats them, and stacks them, until I cut him off.

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From letters to my Grandma Jan, January 2013

lucas bug


Saturday, Kyle and I took the boys to ride on calTrain; we went north to a town where the train station sits on the main street, right across from a big green park. We got coffees and the boys split a morning bun, and we walked in the freezing-for-here but sunny morning. We played for a long time at the playground, then wandered back up through the shopping district before riding home on the train. Jacob declared it “a wonderful-est day” and it was.  Continue reading

I think we can

new year's day

I’m not really a resolution person, you know? For me, change happens slowly. Plus, I don’t do so well when asked to evaluate myself all at once in a rush of anxiety in the middle of winter after passing through the stresses (good and bad) of all that year-end festiveness. And then there’s the word itself – resolution. It sounds sort of … congressional (read: ineffective?), sort of … over and done. If change is in order, let’s make it an active sort of change, full of energy and momentum and life. 

new year's day

And then Jacob said, “Mommy, can we have a New Year’s Revolution?”

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We begin again

coconut chai kabocha soup

December for me does not start with the promise of September, or the blue skies of October, or even the every-day feeling of November. December for me starts with a slow down, a pause, a breath held for an instant in anticipation of the month ahead. This year it started with lights, and also, it started with soup.

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We give thanks

thankful for treesI have so much to be thankful for. It was nice to take some time with family this past week and celebrate that; I hope that you were each able to do the same. I’m going to share with you one of the sleeper hits from our Thanksgiving dinner, but first I’d like to take a moment to hop up on my soapbox …
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Let’s do this

candy striped figs

While our family and friends have been braving the dark after the storm, we have been thinking of them and sending all we can: thoughts, prayers, donations to the Red Cross. We carry forward, we send our love. Press on, east coasters.

Meanwhile, this week I have received a handful of emails from people asking me about my opinion on California’s Proposition 37. This is strange and flattering because I am not an expert on anything relevant, and it is surprising because I can’t believe anyone would question my stance on this one. It makes me think that maybe it’s not obvious to folks exactly what is at stake here – I feel worried that all the money being pumped into muddying the waters might actually be working. In case anyone out there still wonders where I stand on this one, let me quote Dave Murphy: “California is ground zero in the effort to reclaim our food and our planet from out of control corporations that want to deny us the right to know what’s in our food.” 

I am all for reclaiming our food, and our planet. I am a yes on 37. Or more accurately I am a YES, YES, YES.  Continue reading