The fringey edge

point montara

“I’m part of the whole universe,” Jacob tells me. I am sitting across the foot of his bed, hugging my knees, leaning back against the wall. It is dark, the nighttime quiet punctuated by Lucas’s soft snoring. Jacob’s feet push at my leg from under his striped comforter. “I feel so cozy right now, because you are next to that edge, and I have my red blanket.” He yawns. “The universe is so big and we are all part of it. Like how all the sand makes the beach.”

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Sufficient and magical

window herbsJanuary is our rainy season, but it has not rained this year. Where usually by now green runs rampant, the ground is instead insistently brown. Hardy oxalis, usually so lush, speckles the bluffs with a faint whisper of color. Its yellow flowers are bright under the strange winter sun, the sky an eerily deep, cloudless blue. Continue reading

In our people house

J and carrots

Are you familiar with the 1972 classic, In A People House? Seuss originally published it under his pseudonym, Theo. LeSieg. It is one of Lucas’s current favorites, and like so many of the two year old set he especially loves when we mess up the words as we read.

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Traveling the deep

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium there is an exhibit called Open Sea. It is a spectacle, awe-inspiring; a magnificent 90-foot window glows blue in the dark of the viewing room, and behind it, enormous tuna swim with shoals of sardines and green sea turtles. There are big sharks, 5,000 pound sunfish.

The water is so deep that looking at it, I feel something sort of like vertigo.

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Bits and pieces

pine nuts and chile oilJacob has been carrying around his color swatch for days now, signed by Maryanne at the hardware store, who got the paint for him.

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To give in the same measure

dillOur new kitchen faces east, and so now the day’s first light glides across our breakfast table, reminding us of our earth and its turning, turning. Morning is broken, says Jacob. If I touch the sunbeams, do I get a wish?  Continue reading